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It is the responsibility of every shooter to know the club
rules and proper gun safety. 


Violation will result in ejection from the range.

1. Know how to safely operate your firearm.

2. Always make sure firearms are pointed in a safe direction.


3. Only one shell is to be loaded at a time, unless shooting doubles. Some people will try to put 3 to 5 shells in their pumps or automatics. This is NOT allowed.


4. When changing stations, guns will be empty, actions open, and pointed in a safe direction. (Empty means EMPTY! No live shells, no empty shells, nothing!)


5. Do not close the action until you are ready to shoot.


6. Eye and hearing protection is required for all shooters.


7. Only approved personnel are permitted to repair or make adjustments to the traps.  Report all

breakdowns or other malfunctions to a club officer.


8. Shooters under the age of 18 must be supervised at all times by an adult.


9. Safety violators will forfeit their current round of trap and be asked to leave the range.


10. Club officials and officers will have the final say in all matters.

11. Maximum shooter per team is 8. Only top 5 scores for the week count for team.

12. Club Memberships must be paid in full by week 3.

13. Scorers decision is final, no scoring changes will be made after a station change is complete.

14. You get one free bird. All other called birds will be a loss without legitimate excuse.

15. Any bird that comes out of the house chipped or broken is considered 'No Bird', and must be shot over.

16. Teams are responsible for turning in their own score sheet.

17. Individual classifications will be made after 150 rounds are shot.

18. Grievance commitee will settle all disagreements not able to be resolved by the officers.

19. Guests can shoot a maximum of 2 weeks without a membership.

20. Members can only shoot back to make up a missing round through week 4.

21. Members can shoot ahead a maximum of 3 weeks.

22. If it is raining on a scheduled league night, shooting will continue unless called off for lightning by Officers Only.

23. Each squad must provide a scorekeeper after their round is complete.

24. NO scoring for your own team.

25. You cannot dd team members with 3 weeks or less remaining in the season.

Lewis Class Rules

1. If a tie occurs, the tie breaker will be the most 25s shot.

2. If there is still a tie, we will go to the most 24s shot.

3. If there is still a tie, we will go to the longest run, either way.

4. If there is still a tie, we will go to the longest run, front to back.

5. If there is still a tie, we will go to the longest run, back to front.

6. If no winner is determined by this point, the money will be split evenly amongst the tied shooters.


Individual Membership - $50

Family Membership - $60

All family members included under a membership will be required to sign a form.

A legal guardian must sign for all minors. Membership applications will not be approved with out all signatures.

In consideration of my involvement with the Amery Gun Club and its affiliated

activities, I acknowledge the following:

1. I understand and accept the fact all shooting and gun related activities pose many

dangers and risks, including personal injury, death or property damage.


2. I agree, as a condition of being allowed to participate in shooting activities as a

member of the Amery Gun Club that I freely and voluntarily assume all risks of personal

injury, death and property damage.


3. I hereby release the Amery Gun Club and its agents, employees, directors, officers and

volunteers from all liability for personal injury, death or property damage which results in

any way from negligence, condition on or about the premises and facilities of the club,

the operations, actions, or omissions of the agents.


4. I agree to abide by all rules and regulations of Amery Gun Club.


5. I am signing freely of my own accord, realizing it is binding upon myself, my heirs,

and assigns.

Forms are available at the club or can be downloaded here and filled out prior to visiting the club.

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